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Non-Invasive Skin Inspection -Scientific Evidence

Non-Invasive Skin Inspection

We believe our world-class, painless, non-invasive approach ensures a better experience for our patients.

On numerous occasions, lesions involving no risk are removed even though they are categorised as benign in the histology report. The only diagnosis carried out is a biopsy after the lesion is excised.

This leads to huge costs in theatre charges, surgeons’ fees etc. for unnecessary procedures.

Removal of benign lesions incurs a considerably lower fee – and, of course, they don’t need to be removed at all.

We believe that patients can benefit from our non-invasive and painless diagnosis protocols.

At Skin Inspection’s examinations are carried out by specialists with expertise in skin cancer detection.

Digital Dermoscopy

Our technology includes a digital dermoscopy and total body-mapping capability, as well as the latest generation confocal microscope. This advanced machine, currently the most advanced in the UK, enables visualisation of the skin at a cellular level – like a virtual biopsy – without causing pain or scarring.

Digital dermoscopy is a hand-held instrument that our consultant dermatologists use to examine suspicious moles, lesions, as well as many other skin conditions. Dermoscopy is a noninvasive method that allows the in vivo evaluation of colours and microstructures of the epidermis, the dermoepidermal junction, and the papillary dermis not visible to the naked eye. These structures are specifically correlated to histologic features. In other words, the doctor can sometimes provide an immediate diagnosis without the need for a physical biopsy! We can therefore save our patients the time, scarring, costs, and anxiety associated with an unnecessary procedure.

Its incredible magnification power when placed on the skin gives the doctor a window into the skin. The images are digitally stored and compared with future consultations. The dermatoscope is safe for pregnant women, children, and even inflamed skin. By using the latest generation dermatoscope, your dermatologist will have an immediate idea as to the health of your skin. The dermatoscope produces results that are rapid, painless, and extremely reliable. This is how we ensure a better experience for our patients, as well as provide a definitive diagnosis for patients seeking a reliable second opinion.

Total Body Mapping (TBM) Machine

You may also opt for total body mapping (TBM) at your mole check. TBM is a remarkable machine that takes detailed images of the person’s entire body, thus creating an accurate record of their skin over time. The cutting-edge software in combination with our consultant dermatologists can detect any changes in moles at each annual mole check. This technology is ideal for people with a high number of freckles or moles, or who have had a previous skin cancer diagnosis. Annual TBM is the best way to keep your skin monitored for skin cancer. Melanoma and other skin cancers respond very well to treatment if detected at the early stages. Therefore, TBM can help catch changes as soon as possible, thus preventing mortality.

Improved Diagnosis of Skin Lesions

We foresee a future in which improved diagnostic methods mean quick, painless, accurate, and non-scarring treatment for patients – and significant cost savings for patients. Our technology is revolutionising the patient experience by taking their time to know from weeks to minutes. Our results are rapid and extremely reliable.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about Skin Inspection, visit our Harley Street or Beaconsfield Clinic, or discuss ways in which we could work together.

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