UV-Protection for Eyes

Sun cream application: Tips to protect commonly-missed areas

How to Apply Sunscreen 

We tend to apply sunscreen on our bigger body parts, but we can often miss the smaller ones. If the same areas get burnt repeatedly, there is an increased risk for skin cancer. In addition, we may spend more time in the sun when wearing SPF containing products and therefore, unprotected areas are likely to receive increased sun exposure.

Researchers from the University of Liverpool recently found that eyelids are more likely to be missed during application of sun creams.

At Skin Inspection we recommend the following tips for protecting the eyelids and other often-missed areas:

Eyelids: The skin on the area is so thin that sun creams can sometimes irritate. If that is the case, you can use a mineral sunscreen, made with zinc or titanium dioxide, or stick sunscreens. You should also protect your eyes with UV-blocking sun glasses.

Lips: Most lip cancers and precancerous lesions grow on the bottom lip, because it gets more sun exposure than the top. To protect your lips, you should use a lip balm with sunscreen ingredients and reapply every two hours and after eating or drinking. Shiny lip balms or gloss without SPF should be avoided because they can burn the skin and cause sun damage.

Scalp and hairline: Make sure you apply sunscreen on the hairline, hair part or bare scalp. You can also wear a wide-brimmed hat for extra protection.

Ears: It is important to apply sunscreen to the entire ear and a wide-brimmed hat also helps.

Feet: If you are barefoot or wear sandals, remember to apply sunscreen to the tops and of the feet and between the toes.

Hands: The top of our hands are also vulnerable to sunburns and can show early signs of skin aging. Make sure you reapply the sunscreen every two hours and after washing your hands.

And remember to wear sunscreen even if you are in the shade, because indirect sun exposure can be harmful too.



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