Referring Dermatology Patients

Find out how referring patients to Skin Inspection can benefit you and your patients

GPs Referring Dermatology Patients

Benefits to you and your patients

We are here to support GPs: You can be part of a centre of excellence at the heart of a worldwide network of experts

Your role is key and we are here to help. We collaborate with reputable General Practitioners who are committed to keep up to date through continued learning.

We offer different types of knowledge sharing activities such as practical sessions and training workshops.

This is as part of our vision to create of a centre of excellence at the heart of a worldwide network of experts working together to reduce the incidence of skin cancer.

World-class skin cancer detection and care

It’s important to us that the standard of care we deliver ensures that your patients receive the best possible experience at Skin Inspection.

All our examinations are carried out by specialists with expertise in skin cancer detection.

Our technology includes a digital dermoscopy and total body-mapping capability.

Collaboration is essential: We want to work together to benefit your patients and practice.

Please do not hesitate to send us an email at if you want to be added to our list of GPs. We promise we will only contact you for a meaningful purpose, for truly value-adding initiatives or to send you a Christmas card.

You can also let us know if you want to find out more about Skin Inspection, visit the clinic or discuss ways in which we could work together to benefit your patients and practice.

Skin Cancer Screening Clinic London and Beaconsfield

Full Body Mole and Skin Cancer Screening

Using the latest technology to take images of the whole skin surface from head to toe.

Results are stored digitally to establish baseline for future observation. Patients will receive a systematic full body dermoscopy examination. We take digital dermoscopic images of some moles.

The consultant dermatologist personally examines the patient and selects which moles need to have more detailed monitoring.

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Worried about skin cancer?

Skin inspection is a private dermatology clinic in London and Buckinghamshire at the forefront of the battle against skin cancer.  Unlike some high street mole centres, we are owned and operated by Consultant Dermatologists to ensure that our patients receive the highest medical standards and patients’ satisfaction.

We give you world-class dermatology thanks to the expertise of our leading consultant dermatologists, the cutting-edge technology we use and the standards of care we provide. We go to the cellular level to make sure that your skin is healthy. We change patients from uncertain to reassured and from worried to confident.

Our doctors have largely researched and published in skin lesions recognition, dermoscopy and follow-up with digital imaging.  They have authored publications in high impact peer-reviewed dermatology journals, such as the British Journal of Dermatology and the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.  Our staff has undergone rigorous training on diagnosing skin cancers early so they can be treated before it spreads or becomes too late for treatment altogether! If you want peace of mind when it comes to your health, then see us today!

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