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World-class mole screening and private dermatology clinic

Helping patients by diagnosing and treating pigmented skin lesions and other dermatological conditions.

Consultant Dermatologists in Harley Street London

We believe there are four reasons why patients should come to Skin Inspection or be referred to us by GPs.

  • Skin55 Consultant Dermatologists

    Our location at 55 Harley Street gives you access to the UK’s largest private dermatology facility. This is where London’s leading specialists are to be found.

  • Our team

    Every diagnosis at Skin Inspection is undertaken by a specialist consultant dermatologist using the very latest technology. Many of the patients who come to us do so for a second opinion after a less specialised mole check or mole mapping. We also make sure we communicate in plain English rather than complicated medical jargon to ensure our patients know exactly what is going on.

    In addition our support team of medical secretaries have more than 25 years’ experience between them and can help with any question by phone or email.

  • Patient experience

    We understand you have come to us looking for peace of mind. We provide a quick diagnosis of potentially harmful lesions and moles at an earlier, curable stage. We also avoid unnecessary pain and scarring caused by biopsies of benign lesions. We try at all times to lessen the stress caused by surgical procedures – and the uncertainty of waiting for biopsy results to arrive.

  • Clear fee structure:

    Our medical expertise is sophisticated, but our payment structure is simple. We apply a strict “no surprises” policy to billing and a money-back guarantee. Patients know up front what their diagnosis and procedure will cost.

Why Choose Skin Inspection?

Traditional Mole Check

  • Mole check is typically done manually, with a naked eye or with suboptimal technology
  • Suspicious lesions are removed through biopsy, resulting in costly theatre charges, pathologist fees and scarring in the patient’s skin
  • Diagnosis frequently undertaken by less qualified or non-medical staff and on some occasions by less qualified doctors based on a remote location
  • The patient goes through multiple appointments with raising uncertainty and anxiety in a journey that can take up to two weeks
  • Benign lesions are often removed due to ineffective diagnosis

Skin Inspection Mole Check – your skin magnified

  • Skin Inspection can make the invisible visible to save lives. We offer reassuring dermatology
  • Real-time diagnosis to get accurate, painless and quick results with a thorough examination for early skin cancer signs
  • All examinations carried out by Consultant Dermatologists who specialise in early skin cancer diagnosis
  • When possible: no Incision, no pain, no scars
  • Quick and reliable technology includes digital dermoscopy and total body mapping
  • World-leading equipment to give clarity and peace of mind in the results

  • We are the go-to clinic for GPs and other doctors when they need to have their own moles checked

  • Non-invasive protocols can avoid unnecessary surgeries saving time and money

  • Literature shows that not all patients benefit from mole mapping so we apply scientific rigour to assess each case carefully

  • Our confident patients are seen by professionals no other than highly specialised consultant dermatologists

  • You know upfront who is going to be your Consultant Dermatologist

  • Patients coming for a second opinion benefit from our unique expertise

  • The ultimate Mole Mapping service on Harley Street

  • Registered with all major insurances

  • Latest technology to magnify your skin

Latest technology offers better and faster skin cancer screening results

We use the most advanced equipment and software in the field of dermatology to ensure our patients get a superior experience and quick, reliable results.

Few clinics in the UK can match our range of non-invasive imaging tools. However, we are able to carry out mole mapping, dermoscopy and digital dermoscopy.

Our in-vivo non-invasive diagnosis means we can avoid unnecessary biopsies.

Skin Inspection’s technology also includes a total body mole mapping machine, which will enable us to maintain an accurate record of your skin over time.

Our team deliver an excellent, trustworthy screening for all types of skin cancer

  • While Skin Inspection is proud to offer the very latest in cutting-edge technology, it is the people in our team who ensure the service we offer really stands out.

  • We are always keen to hire consultant dermatologists with a special interest in digital dermoscopy.

  • We also welcome internships and rotations for dermatology registrars.