Opportunities for Consultant Dermatologists

Your chance to collaborate with a Harley Street or Beaconsfield Dermatologist Practice

Collaboration is an important word at Skin Inspection. We believe that when we join forces we achieve the best possible service for our patients. Please feel free to reach out to us with collaboration ideas, research projects that you have in mind or if you want to visit the clinic.

Do you want to refer patients for a second opinion?

We are fortunate enough to be approached for a second opinion by fellow dermatologists that decide to refer complex cases to us. In such cases the scope of our work is limited to provide a detailed report to the referring doctor so they can continue looking after their patients.

 Be part of the Skin Inspection network.

Skin Inspection is more than a dermatologist clinic, it is a way of understanding dermatology of the future. We can start a conversation about your plans if you have entrepreneurial spirit or if you just want to serve your patients better. Skin Inspection is the result of many hours of work of highly qualified business people who produced a successful business model that can be easily replicated. This is fantastic news for doctors and patients from other parts of the country that will benefit from our knowledge and cutting-edge technology. We know that doctors are very busy and for this reason we look after the business side of things so you can focus on giving your best in front of your patients.