Do airline pilots have higher rates of melanoma

Do airline pilots have higher rates of melanoma?

Do airline pilots and cabin crew have raised risks of melanoma?

A systematic and meta-analyses recently published in the British Journal of Dermatology showed that airline pilots and cabin crew have twice the risk of melanoma and other skin cancers than the general population, with pilots more likely to die from melanoma.

In response to the above-mentioned study, we are currently offering a 15% discount in all our skin inspection services to the airline sector.

We provide a world-class, painless, non-invasive skin inspection that ensures a better experience for our patients.

Mole Check by a Qualified Dermatologist

Unlike many private clinics that offer mole checks run by non-dermatologists, all our examinations are carried out by specialists with expertise in skin cancer examination.

Our technology includes a digital dermoscopy and total body-mapping capability. The dermatoscope is a state-of-the-art hand-held device that visualises moles and lesions better than the naked eye, all whilst being reliable and pain-free. Dermoscopy can sometimes provide a diagnosis without the need for a physical biopsy which saves our patients the pain, scarring, and costs associated with an unnecessary biopsy. Total body mapping takes images of the entire skin surface, and saves them for future comparison. By keeping an accurate record of your skin over time, our consultant dermatologist can catch changes at the earliest possible stage. Our world-class technology provides a non-invasive skin inspection that is reliable, rapid, and painless.


Skin Screening discount for the aviation sector

Special discount on skin examination for pilots and airline staff’.
We are offering a reduced price of 15% off any skin examination service for your first appointment
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