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Our eczema treatment service includes:

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What is eczema?

Eczema is a long-term condition that is characterised by dry, itchy, cracked, flaky and red skin. Eczema is commonly found in children and can improve as they get older. However, adults can also have it.

Types of eczema

  • Atopic Eczema – Atopic eczema is common in children, although it can also affect adults. It can be related to other conditions such as allergies including hay fever and asthma.
  • Allergic Contact Dermatitis – Allergic contact dermatitis is a form of eczema that is caused by an allergic reaction from something that has come into contact with the skin.
  • Irritant Contact Eczema – Irritant contact eczema is caused by chemicals coming into contact and irritating the skin. These irritants can include disinfectants or soap.
  • Lichen Simplex Chronicus – Characterized by an itchy, thickened area of skin caused by frequent rubbing and scratching.
  • Nodular Prurigo – Similar to lichen simplex chronicus, nodular prurigo comes in the form of various small areas of thickened and itchy areas of inflamed skin.
  • Asteatotic Eczema – Asteatotic eczema is the result of dry, cracked skin that often occurs with age.
  • Drug-Induced Eczema – It is caused by a reaction to medication.
  • Pompholyx/Dishydrotic Eczema – Characterized by small, itchy blisters under the skin on the hands and feet.

How do we treat eczema?

There is no known cure for eczema. However, there are treatments to keep it under control and the symptoms can be treated to lessen the discomfort that patient experiences.

Following your consultation, our dermatologists will develop a treatment plan that best suits your needs and condition. From there, a treatment plan can be developed to continue to provide the best possible relief if the original treatment were to become less effective over time.

Treatments for eczema include:

  • Moisturising creams or ointments: These help keep your skin moist and should be applied several times every day.
  • Steroid creams and ointments: These can help reduce the itching, redness and swelling. If used inappropriately, they may cause side effects, such as skin thinning.
  • Topical calcineurin inhibitors: These may be used when the eczema is not responding to topical steroids, or in skin sites which are more susceptible to the side effects of steroids, such as the face, eyelids and armpits and groin
  • Antihistamine pills: Can help relieve itching or help sleep at night.
  • Light therapy: This can be helpful for some patients with chronic eczema. It is given under the supervision of a health care professional.
  • Medicines that change the way that the immune system works: These medicines are only for patients with severe or widespread eczema not responding to topical treatments. They are given under the close supervision of a consultant dermatologist.

Why choose Skin Inspection for cyst removal?

Located on Harley Street in London, our expert dermatologists have a wealth of knowledge and experience at their disposal to help provide effective eczema treatments for our patients.

We use the latest technology to inform and provide nothing but the best treatments, working with our patients to develop the most effective outcome.

What Our Patients Say

“Dr. Cristina is wonderful and extremely knowledgeable. I intend on coming back each year for my annual mole check. I couldn’t recommend Skin Inspection highly enough! Thank you again.”

“Excellent Doctor! Brilliant advice and service. Always available when you need her. In all the consultations I have had, she has always made me feel at ease. She helped me regain my confidence back as my skin looks great after years of struggling with acne. Can’t recommend her enough!”

“I was very impressed with the actual operation – both the doctor and nurse were very friendly and professional, made me feel comfortable

“I went for a second opinion after visiting a less specialised mole centre in the City. I am so glad that I was recommended Skin Inspection by my GP because the initial diagnosis that I was given was completely wrong and would have left me a horrible scar on my nose.”

“Dr. Cristina Rodriguez-Garcia is one of the best professionals in her field. I highly recommend this clinic. She listened to my concerns and acted swiftly in my best individual interests”

“Dr Anton is very knowledgeable and friendly. Her care, professionalism and compassion has been outstanding throughout my treatment. I highly recommend her! She always takes time to answer all my questions and I feel safe in her capable hands.”

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