at Skin Inspection

At Skin Inspection we do not pursue celebrity endorsements for various reasons. Instead, we are focussed on providing the best skin care service by combining expert consultant dermatologists with state-of-the-art technology and imaging.

Our patients prefer that we invest in the latest technology to help detect skin cancer at its earliest stage rather than dedicating resources to get celebrity endorsements.

We provide special privacy protocols for some of our patients and they are certain that we would not use their identity to promote Skin Inspection.

Patients requiring SPP are advised to contact the exclusive email address: spp@skininspection.co.uk.

The privacy requirements of each exclusive patient are assessed on a case by case basis. Whilst Skin Inspection will endeavour to satisfy all demands of SPP, the clinic might be unable to fulfil all SPP requests given the complexity associated with some of our special privacy protocols.

We know that sometimes a home visit is the best solution for some our patients

Harley Street Dermatologist brought to the comfort of your own home.

Fees start from £1,500

Learn more about our Special Privacy Protocols

At Skin Inspection we constantly protect our patient’s privacy with the highest standards. Some of our security controls include:

  • Robust and highly secure IT infrastructure with preventative barriers protecting our software and hardware.
  • Secure messaging service.
  • Highly trained staff in data privacy accustomed to regularly deal with patients requiring special privacy needs.
  • Security standards above the minimum requirements of the existing regulation.

However we understand that the privacy of celebrities, public figures, and their family members is especially vulnerable. Patients that meet our requirements for heightened privacy requirements benefit from the Special Privacy Protocols (SPP) that we offer:

  • No administration staff is involved in the process.
  • Private telephone number attended by one designated person who is the Director of the clinic.
  • Secure and direct communication channel with our Medical Director.
  • Special treatment of medical records with data being stored in a separate and secure server with highly restricted access.
  • Out of hours consultations.
  • Option to visit a more discreet clinic location different to our Harley Street clinic.
  • Home visits (only under very exceptional circumstances).