The Skin Inspection Story

It all started in the sunny Canary Islands…

Dr Cristina Rodriguez-Garcia and Eduardo R. Genova, Directors and co-founders of Skin Inspection, share with us the story behind the clinic.

Cristina Rodriguez-Garcia, Medical Director

Skin Inspection’s story began when I was treating numerous British patients in the Canary Islands that were coming to me with signs of skin cancer and a history of sunburn. I immediately started to ask myself some questions:

How many skin cancers could be avoided or diagnosed on time?  How many lives could be saved?   Why are so many unnecessary biopsies performed due to poor diagnosis?  Why are some people terrified of having their moles checked?  Could I alleviate their stress and provide peace of mind?

The critical question was “How can we help?” leading me to the initial idea for a dermatology clinic in the UK highly specialised in skin cancer screening.

The idea was simple: to provide skin monitoring and general dermatology care always undertaken by Consultant Dermatologists. We firmly believe that patients in the UK deserve world-class dermatology with the highest level of care. Therefore, it was essential to build the best possible team equipped with cutting-edge technology.

This approach is what we call “your skin magnified”.

Eduardo R. Genova, Managing Director

We did not know if this clinic model would be sustainable financially, but that was secondary to us. There were no precedents in the UK, and always serving our patients with highly specialised Consultant Dermatologists implied significantly higher costs.

Our Consultant Dermatologists are rigorously handpicked.

We ensure that our team is only composed of good-hearted human beings with the necessary skills and experience to ensure our world-class dermatology standard.

Our doctors have largely researched and published in skin lesions recognition, dermoscopy and follow-up with digital imaging.  They have authored publications in high impact peer-reviewed dermatology journals, such as the British Journal of Dermatology and the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

I deeply admire our doctors’ determination, work ethic, intelligence, and kindness. I have seen how hard doctors work with my own eyes, and I have the highest respect for them.

Only those who live with a doctor can really appreciate how much work happens outside the clinic.

Dr Cristina Rodriguez-Garcia, Medical Director

We are very different from some well-known high street clinics, which usually conform to mole checks primarily undertaken by nurses or less specialised clinicians. In our experience, this significantly reduces the quality of the service and can cost more time, more money and more stress.

Skin Inspection puts a smile on our face when we think about all challenges and lessons learned from the journey so far. We love the connection and mutual trust that we create with our patients. The fact that they put their health in our hands means a lot to us.

When a new patient books an appointment with us, we are honoured because they choose Skin Inspection but more importantly, they believe in this model of a dermatology clinic.

Skin Inspection also makes us happy every time we receive a positive review comment from a satisfied patient, a kind compliment card, or some acknowledgement. It has been exciting so far, but we are even more excited about the future!

This story would not be possible without the support and inspiration of some magnificent people we have encountered in the journey. Skin55 and The Beaconsfield Clinic are our best partners with wonderful people and excellent professionals. We also have outstanding medical secretaries, accountants, photographers, web developers, catering providers, etc. We have an enormous amount of gratitude towards them, and they know how important they are for the success of Skin Inspection.