Miss Nina Muirhead

BA(oxon) BMBCh(oxon) MRCS DOHNS MEd PGDipDerm
GMC Number: 6144423
Dermatology Surgeon

Miss Nina Muirhead is a Dermatology Surgeon with 15 years’ experience specialising in skin cancer recognition and surgery. She qualified from Oxford University Medical School in 2006, became a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in 2009 and completed her Diploma of Head and Neck Surgery in 2011.

She trained in the London Deanery as a Plastic Surgeon for 6 years before joining Buckinghamshire NHS Trust as a Dermatology Surgeon, a position she held for 9 years. Her work included general and two week wait skin cancer clinics, complex head and neck surgery and flap and graft reconstruction following skin cancer excision. She was also the Academic Lead for Medical Dermatology and ran the Specialist Transplant skin surveillance and cutaneous Lymphoma Clinic.

Miss Muirhead has a passion for teaching and training, she has achieved a Masters degree in Education, has co-authored two medical textbooks and has developed online e-learning. She gained a distinction in the Postgraduate Diploma of Dermatology (PGDipDerm) in 2015 at Cardiff University and now tutors the same course.

She is a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons and associate member of the Royal College of Physicians and British Association of Dermatology. Her clinical expertise is in skin cancer diagnosis and mole screening, skin surgery, superficial cyst removal, removal of benign keratoses and skin tags.

Miss Muirhead is practicing as a specialty doctor in Dermatology Surgery while she completes her CESR application and her care is specifically for self pay patients.

Miss Muirhead has a research interest in Squamous Cell Cancer in Solid Organ Transplant patients and has published a proof of principle study showing that dogs can smell Melanoma. She has Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and uses her personal experience of chronic disease to become a more holistic and compassionate doctor. Outside dermatology she has worked with the department of health and social care and NICE on improving attitudes and education on the topic of ME/CFS, Long Covid and Post Viral Disease. She also enjoys playing golf and travelling with her family.

Areas of Expertise

  • Atypical or changing moles
  • Basal cell cancers
  • Squamous cell cancers
  • Actinic or solar keratoses
  • Bowenoid keratosis and inflammatory skin conditions
  • Dermoscopy of skin lesions
  • Shave excisions
  • Biopsies and excision biopsies

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