Patient Journey

Our Story Reassuring

World-class mole screening and private dermatology clinic

Helping patients by diagnosing and treating pigmented skin lesions and other dermatological conditions.

We created Skin Inspection to improve people’s lives by providing outstanding dermatological care.

Our values, vision, and mission attract a growing number of patients who recommend us to friends and family. Amongst our patients are General Practitioners and other medical doctors, as well as well-known public figures who return year after year for their highly advanced mole check.

  • We are caring

    We embrace diversity, we respect our patients, and we always treat them with integrity, kindness, and compassion.  We build mutual trust with our patients to make them feel safe and understood.

  • We are unique

    Our team is driven to deliver excellent skin care services using their talent and state-of-the-art technology. We want to serve our patients as the most recognised dermatology clinic.

  • We are leading

    We offer the latest medical protocols, which are scientifically proven and world-leading. In addition, we continuously invest in the latest technology and we contribute to society because our values drive our purpose.

  • We deliver the highest quality patient experience

    We understand that you have come to us looking for peace of mind. We provide a quick, reliable, and painless diagnosis of potentially harmful lesions and moles at an earlier, curable stage. We also avoid unnecessary pain and scarring caused by biopsies of benign (harmless) lesions. We try at all times to lessen the stress caused by surgical procedures – and the uncertainty of waiting for biopsy results to arrive.

  • We have a team of good-hearted human beings with the necessary skills and experience

    Our Consultant Dermatologists are rigorously selected to ensure our world-class dermatology standard. Whilst having an outstanding CV and valuable experience is essential, we value even more the importance of working with like-minded people who share the clinic’s mission, values, and vision.

We change patients from uncertain to reassured and from worried to confident.

We use our medical protocols for mole checks to illustrate our patient’s journey. This is what we call “your skin magnified”

The Skin Inspection Patient Journey

Journey in some high street mole centres/less specialised clinics

Typical High Street Patient Journey

Key reasons to choose Skin Inspection

  • You know upfront who is going to be your Consultant Dermatologist

  • Patients coming for a second opinion benefit from our unique expertise

  • The ultimate Mole Mapping service on Harley Street

  • Registered with all major insurances

  • Latest technology to magnify your skin

  • We are the go-to clinic for GPs and other doctors when they need to have their own moles checked

  • Non-invasive protocols can avoid unnecessary surgeries, thus saving time and money

  • Literature shows that not all patients benefit from mole mapping so we apply scientific rigour to assess each case carefully

  • Our confident patients are seen by professionals no other than highly specialised consultant dermatologists

Our Patient Journey

  • Book an appointment

    Book an appointment with one of our highly specialised Consultant Dermatologists.

  • Meet with our consultant dermatologist

    On some occasions, treatment (such as mole removal) can be carried out on the 1st appointment.

What you get:

  • Ultimate moles check services
  • Ultra-modern Total Body Mapping
  • General Dermatology Consultations for a wide range of skin conditions
  • You see a Consultant Dermatologist upfront
  • Quick and reliable results
  • Peace of mind
  • State-of-the-arts facilities