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Mole Removal

& Other Procedures

We have an on-site theatre to remove moles and other procedures

Mole Removal London

We have a theatre on the premises where your consultant dermatologist will perform your mole removal or other procedure, sometimes on the same day as your consultation. We provide ultra-modern mole removal, which will be analysed by a histopathologist and the consultant dermatologist. We are the clinic that General Practitioners trust for second opinions, since our results are extremely reliable.

Mole Removal and the Highest Standard in Skin Cancer Detection.

Private Mole Removal

We take our patients from worried to confident.

Our highly skilled consultant dermatologists perform a variety of skin procedures including the removal of moles, lesions, (genital) warts, and more. This also includes mole removal on face and neck. If appropriate, we can provide procedures on the same day as the consultation, getting our patients peace of mind faster.  All excisions are sent for a histopathology analysis, and your dermatologist will explain your results in plain English and in writing.

Cosmetic Mole Removal

We are the clinic that General Practitioners trust for second opinions, since our cutting-edge technology and experienced specialists produce results that are rapid and extremely reliable. Mole removals of a delicate cosmetic nature may be referred to a consultant plastic surgeon within the clinic building. Your dermatologist will advise you if he/she believes that a procedure is necessary, as our state-of-the-art technology may provide an immediate diagnosis without the need for a physical biopsy. We take our patients from worried to confident.

Skin Screening Clinic

Around 131,000 cases of non-melanoma skin cancer are diagnosed in the UK each year. It is estimated that one in 54 people in the UK will be diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer in their lifetime. But an early detection can prevent mortality.

Skin Inspection is a unique Clinic in London with highly specialised Consultant Dermatologists providing world-class non-invasive skin diagnosis. Combining the experience of leading consultant dermatologists and ultra-modern technology we help patients with the earliest skin cancer detection.

We can provide a better experience for our patients because it is a painless procedure that leaves no scar. This can reduce stress, save time and save money. We are here to serve you, we deliver an efficient solution that is benefiting people around the World.

Our non-invasive imaging tools include benefits of dermoscopy, digital dermoscopy and reflectance confocal microscopy enabling visualisation of the skin with a resolution at the cellular level. Our total body mapping machine keeps an accurate record of your moles throughout time. In-Vivo non-invasive diagnosis can avoid unnecessary biopsies.

One of our Team Members will assist you with any questions you may have about our services.

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At Skin Inspection, we will carry out a thorough examination for early signs of skin cancer that uses world-leading equipment and gives you clarity and peace of mind in the results we deliver.

We also have a clear fee structure, which incorporates our “no surprises” policy when it comes to billing and includes a money-back guarantee if you feel our results are not satisfactory.

All our examinations are carried out by consultant dermatologists who specialise in early skin cancer diagnosis. It’s part of the outstanding service we pride ourselves on delivering at Skin Inspection.