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Including skin cancer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Skin Inspection has a clear fee structure, which incorporates our “no surprises” policy when it comes to billing and includes a money-back guarantee if you feel our results are not satisfactory.

All our examinations are carried out by Consultant Dermatologists who specialise in early skin cancer diagnosis. It is part of the outstanding service we pride ourselves on delivering at Skin Inspection.

Please visit our fees page for a breakdown of our fees.

We offer clarity and peace of mind in the results we deliver. We also have a clear fee structure, which incorporates our “no surprises” policy regarding billing. We offered a money-back guarantee for almost five years, and no one ever requested their money back. Sadly, we had to withdraw the money-back guarantee following a situation in which someone tried to take advantage of such policy by giving a contradictory sequence of events without any meaningful evidence.  Mutual trust is an important aspect of the patient-physician relationship, we know that 99.9% of our patients are good people who would only use this guarantee responsibly.

All our Skin Inspections include the Consultant Dermatologist fee.

    • Full skin examination using dermoscopy. It is our ultimate service that gives you peace of mind. This is what we call Moles Check: from £275
    • Total Body mole-mapping + Consultation with a Consultant Dermatologist: from £365

Furthermore total body mapping is particularly indicated for higher risk patients with many moles.

Therefore we are able to reassure many patients without having to deploy our more sophisticated resources. Skin Inspection is equipped with the most advanced technology only in case our patients benefit from it or if patients are coming for a second opinion. Our consultant dermatologists asses your skin, so you can decide what service you finally choose.

The incidence of skin cancer is increasing, and the majority of cases can be cured if detected early. Mole checks allow early diagnosis of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.

The ABCDE rule covers changes that might indicate a melanoma. This can help you to self-examine.

Asymmetry – one half of the mole doesn’t match the other;

Border – the edges may be irregular;

Colour – uneven colour;

Diameter – most melanomas are at least 6mm in diameter;

Evolving – when a mole starts to change. Any change – in size, shape, colour, elevation, or any new symptom such as bleeding, itching or crusting – can be suspicious.

The poorest prognosis is most often that of nodular melanoma, which can escape the ABCDE rule by being symmetrical, with regular borders and homogeneous colour, and often being only about 6mm in size. That is why we recommend combining self-examination with dermatologist visits for melanoma prevention and early detection.

Oftentimes patients come to Skin Inspection for a second opinion, so they can make better informed decisions about their health. We believe that this is a sensible approach as other clinics do not have the cutting-edge technology that we offer or the high degree of specialisation of our Consultant Dermatologists. This is also important for patients referred by their GP and it is particularly critical for patients previously seen by non-medical practitioners. Skin Inspection is increasingly becoming the clinic where GPs come to have their own moles checked for a reason!

Our guarantee

A consultant dermatologist with special interest in skin cancer inspection will personally perform the examinations. This differentiates us from many private clinics that offer mole checks run by non-dermatologists.

We also have a clear fee structure, which incorporates our “no surprises” policy when it comes to billing and includes a money-back guarantee if you feel our results are not satisfactory. We believe that we are the only clinic in the area offering such a guarantee.

The most innovative equipment

We are one of the very few clinics in the UK offering total body mapping. We have the most innovative equipment that allows us to analyse skin lesions quickly, painlessly and may help to catch suspicious lesions that would otherwise go undetected. Our ultimate goal is to perform an invasive procedure only when necessary.

Read more about total body mapping.

Second opinions

Referrals from other doctors or patients coming because of word of mouth make us particularly happy. Oftentimes patients come to Skin Inspection for a second opinion, so they can make better informed decisions. We believe that this is a sensible approach. Other times patients come to us directly because having the total body mapping done at Skin Inspection gives them extra peace of mind. Patients know that we can save them valuable time and money.

not totally convinced?

We fully understand that choosing a doctor is a very important decision. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further question or check our testimonials section to see what other patients say about us.

Dermoscopy is a non-invasive, in-vivo technique primarily used for the examination of skin lesions. A hand-held instrument called a dermatoscope, consisting of a light source and magnifying optics, enables the visualisation of sub-surface skin structures that are usually not visible to the naked eye. Dermoscopy allows early skin cancer recognition and decreases the frequency of biopsy for benign lesions.

Mole mapping is a procedure during which a patient’s moles (naevi) are indexed or ‘mapped’. Intended to diagnose melanoma at the earliest possible moment.

Read more about Mole Mapping

It consists of a medical consultation and a skin examination.  During the consultation, we will ask you a few questions about your levels of sun exposure, sunbed use and your personal and family history of skin cancer.  Then you will get a thorough dermoscopy examination of every mole, from head to toe.  If necessary, your doctor will take  dermoscopic images of any concerning skin lesion or for monitoring purposes.

We combine the use of total-body photography and digital dermoscopy.

First, we take pictures of the whole skin surface from head to toe. The result is saved into a database, as a baseline for future surveillance. Then the patient will get a thorough dermoscopy examination of every mole, from head to toe. We will take digital dermoscopic images of some moles.

The patients are scheduled for a follow-up examination in three, six or 12 months to reassess the current moles with that of the stored images. At each follow-up visit, the consultant dermatologist compares the sequential dermoscopic images and examines the lesions for potential changes over time. If there are substantial changes, it can indicate skin cancer and excision would be recommended. There are early skin cancers that can be recognised only by observing their dynamic evolution over time.

Yes, dermoscopy is painless and perfectly safe for children and pregnant women.

We accept major health insurers. Please note that health insurance policies do not usually cover our dynamic and complex skin inspections.

You will usually need to make an appointment with one of our doctors, although we may be able to see you on the same day. If you need to see us urgently, please contact us and we will endeavour to fit you in as soon as possible.

Appointments cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours before the appointment time have a charge of 100% of the booked service fee.

Our billing department is ready to help you. Please contact our Office Team.

The answer is maybe, depending on the type of lesion. We can do cryotherapy and some other minor procedures immediately. However, mole removals and other minor operations need to be arranged with more time to confirm theatre availability and to organise a specialist nurse to support the Consultant Dermatologist. Some lesions need to be assessed by the consultant dermatologist before removing them to determine the best course of action and to plan the surgery. We understand how important our patient’s time is and we want to provide quick solutions. Many patients come to London for the day for a business trip.

We allow 45 minutes for a total body mapping consultation.  We do not know of any other clinic in which the images of your moles are taken and analysed in-situ by a highly specialised Consultant Dermatologist.  Our doctors believe that this is the only way in which we can offer the highest standards at Skin Inspection.  In other clinics, the images are taken by a nurse or by less specialised staff. The duration of a total body mapping is therefore two or three times longer than a normal dermatology consultation.

After the first consultation, we offer discounts and special pricing plans for patients coming for regular mole checks.  The first consultation is useful to assess the required frequency of your mole checks. We are here to give peace of mind to patients who are worried about their moles.  We are not a money-hungry clinic.

Mole Check costs from £250.

Normally a mole check is sufficient to reassure many patients without having to deploy our more sophisticated technology. We offer total body mapping (from +£140) in case our patients benefit from it or if they are coming for a second opinion. Our consultant dermatologists assess your case individually, so you can decide what service you finally choose.

Yes! Some skin conditions can be treated virtually, whilst others require a face to face consultation. Please send a description of your condition with accompanying pictures to, and one of our Team Members will inform you if a video consultation is right for you.

Acne can be initially treated virtually if good quality photos and a list of previous medications/treatments is sent to If you require strong medications because others have failed before, then you need to be seen face to face.

We would first book an initial consultation, which includes a thorough assessment of all your moles, including the basal cell carcinoma. We are the only clinic in the UK to have the latest generation technology that can visualise your skin in ways impossible to the naked eye. All of our consultant dermatologists are highly specialised in skin cancer recognition and treatment. The initial consultation is £250, where the doctor will be more able to determine the cost for the removal of the cyst. The removal of a malignant lesion on the head is priced from £525 plus theatre charges. More information on our fees can be found here:

At Skin Inspection we use the state-of-the-art theatre facilities of Skin55 located in the same building as our Harley Street clinic.

Please click on the link to see the theatre charges and fees set by Skin55.  For other locations please contact the secretaries.

You can book these procedures by contacting our office team at 020 3575 1474 /

We would first book an initial consultation (£298 in Harley Street, £275 in Beaconsfield and Chiltern and £250 in Berkhamsted), which includes a thorough assessment of your lesion to determine the best course of action.

Biopsies start at £794 including oprating theatre charges (£330), pathologist fee (£200) and consultant fees (£264).

At Skin Inspection we offer outstanding care with cutting-edge technology and highly specialised consultant dermatologists. You will be treated at the state-of-the-art theatre facilities of Skin55 located in the same building as our Harley Street clinic, at The Chiltern Hospital or at our Berkhamsted Clinic.

More information on our fees can be found here:

Please click on the link to see the theatre charges and fees set by Skin55.

You can book these procedures by  contacting our office team at 020 3575 1474 /

Our consultant dermatologist are highly skilled in treating skin conditions that affect the genital areas including genital warts, scrotal or vaginal itch, rash, and more. Email with a description of your condition, and one of our Team Members will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can book a consultation here. Please select whether you are a new or existing patient, and choose General Dermatology.

During your Mole Check Initial Consultation, you will receive a thorough assessment of your entire skin head-to-toe by one of our highly specialised consultant dermatologists.  You can get all your questions answered, and any suspicious moles or lesions will be examined under the dermatoscope: a state-of-the-art hand-held device that visualises the mole better than the naked eye, all whilst being reliable and pain-free.

If necessary, the images from the dermatoscope will be taken and stored, so that it can be compared with future consultations to ensure we catch any changes.  More information on what you can expect during your mole check consultation can be found here.

Your dermatologist will advise you if he/she believes that a procedure is necessary, as our state-of-the-art technology may provide an immediate diagnosis without the need for a physical biopsy.  However, if your dermatologist believes a procedure to be appropriate, we will then arrange it for you.  Please feel free to book an appointment by clicking here.

An initial consultation which includes a total-body mole check is from £275. All follow-up appointments are from £190. We also accept all major insurers, and are happy to bill the insurance company on your behalf. For patients with a high number of moles and/or freckles who require (bi)annual mole checks, our clinic membership may be beneficial for you. More information on our continuous monitoring program can be found here.

Recent studies from the British Journal of Dermatology recommend total-body skin examinations for older patients of light skin tones. However, regardless of age, any new or changing moles should be inspected by a consultant dermatologist right away. In addition, any person with a high number of freckles and moles, regardless of age, should get an annual mole check.

At Skin Inspection, we believe that it is essential always to undertake consultations with a Consultant Dermatologist. There are only approximately 600 Consultant Dermatologists in the UK. They complete many years of training and maintain the highest level of expertise with continuous learning and research to give you the highest level of care in Dermatology. That is why they spend their professional life exclusively treating skin disease. We understand that some patients may be unable to book an appointment at Skin Inspection or prefer other options. Our experts recommend you always see a Consultant Dermatologist, there are many good dermatology clinics that you can visit.

We absolutely do.  At Skin Inspection, we use the state-of-the-art theatre facilities of Skin55 located in the same building as our Harley Street clinic, as well as theatres at The Chiltern Hospital.  Procedures can also be carried out at our Berkhamsted clinic.  Our dermatologists will excise any suspicious lesions or moles and send them to the laboratory for analysis.  Please call us to book a mole check with our expert dermatologists and to arrange the procedure.

Consultations are from £250. Prices will differ depending on where the mole is located on the body. Please see our pricing here.

Yes we do as part of our General Dermatology Consultations.

Yes we can.  You will need an initial consultation and examination first to determine what would work best in your case.

Yes, we accept AXA and all major insurers.

No, cryotherapy does not need to be scheduled through the theatre.  Please get in touch with our secretaries and we will book you in.

Please see our fees here:

No, stitches can be removed via a standard consultation, please book the consultation as a follow-up.

Mole checks are not possible on remote video, because our Consultant Dermatologists use the dermatoscope (a hand-held instrument) to examine moles and lesions). Remote video consultations are for general dermatology only.

Yes, we can treat actinic keratosis. We appreciate that being the lesion in your face is sensitive and we will treat it carefully. Please feel free to book an appointment online or call us for more information.

We will certainly check it and this is something that we do very often at Skin Inspection. The initial consultation fee is from £250.

It depends on the condition. We will be happy to help. Lesions such as warts, seborrhoeic keratosis and molluscum contagiosum can be treated on the first consultation.

It depends mainly on the medical notes that you can provide about your previous consultation. Our doctors would need a full report and dermatoscopy images of your lesion before the procedure to guarantee our highest standards. The initial consultation with the doctor who would potentially remove the mole is important. A mole removal is a surgical procedure, which can have complications that need to be assessed and discussed in detail with the patient beforehand. In addition, depending on the type of mole and its location on the body, there may be different surgical options available. The patient also needs to know any potential restrictions that can affect the daily activities and if any medication should be stopped before the surgery. Pre-surgery consultations are also important for assessing the lesion in detail and understanding the patient’s case in more detail, including medication being taken and any other relevant factor. Our doctors could potentially remove the lesion without a previous consultation appointment if they can rely on the medical records provided. In summary, the pre-surgery consultation could be skipped under very exceptional circumstances or provided remotely by videoconference in some other cases.

The consultation with the consultant dermatologist is always included in the cost of the total body mapping and it is included in the price. At Skin Inspection, you will have your total body mapping undertaken by a consultant dermatologist who will discuss any issue with you during the consultation. In other clinics, the total body mapping is undertaken by less specialised staff, patients have to attend multiple appointments to see different people and the pricing is not always transparent. At Skin Inspection, no follow-up appointment is required immediately after the appointment as everything happens in the same session. Patients only come for further appointments in case the lesion(s) need to be removed, for a biopsy or for a regular check (e.g. annually).

You would only need to pay the excess amount between the cost of the mole check and the total body mapping.