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Non invasive skin inspection for signs of skin cancer

The cutting-edge technology used for diagnosis at Skin Inspection means a better experience for your patients.

In other countries, insurance companies are covering confocal microscopy diagnosis because it provides an accurate and earlier diagnosis, which can prevent mortality.

Indeed, the results of scientific research into the subject were recently used in the United States to ensure full private health insurance recognition to cover confocal microscopy.

We foresee a future in which improved diagnostic methods mean quick, painless, accurate and non-scarring diagnosis for patients – and significant advantages for the insurance industry.

Skin Inspection – Skin Cancer Examination Clinic London

Latest skin inspection technology ensures better and faster results

We use the most advanced equipment and software in the field of dermatology to ensure our patients get a superior experience and quick, reliable results.

We are able to carry out dermoscopy, digital dermoscopy and reflectance confocal microscopy, which enables a visualisation of the skin at a cellular level.

Our in-vivo non-invasive diagnosis means we can avoid unnecessary biopsies.

Skin Inspection’s technology also includes a total body mapping machine, which will enable us to maintain an accurate record of the skin over time.

Skin Inspection's Practice Manager

Dermoscopy is a noninvasive method that allows the in vivo evaluation of colors and microstructures of the epidermis, the dermoepidermal junction, and the papillary dermis not visible to the naked eye. These structures are specifically correlated to histologic features.

Skin Cancer Screening London

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Using the latest technology to take images of the whole skin surface from head to toe.

Results are stored digitally to establish baseline for future observation. Patients will receive a systematic full body dermoscopy examination. We take digital dermoscopic images of some moles.

The consultant dermatologist personally examines the patient and selects which moles need to have more detailed monitoring.

Skin Inspection is at the very forefront of the battle against skin cancer thanks to the expertise of our team, the cutting-edge technology we use and the standards of care we provide.

Whether you are a worried patient, a GP looking for the right place to refer a patient or a consultant dermatologist interested in joining our team, we would love to hear from you.

Call us or contact us online to learn how we can help you.

Dr Cristina Rodriguez-GarciaMedical Director